Corruption can be defeated only by developing an immunity for it

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Higher educational institutions of our Republic are the main link in the society for training of highly qualified, competent specialists. But, unfortunately, there is corruption in our universities today. This is a bitter truth that should be recognized!

At present, the President of our country, Shavkat Miromonovich Mirziyoyev, pays great attention to improving the quality of functioning of higher education system. In particular, the President gave instructions on introduction and development of techno parks, the Foresight system, startups, attraction of scientific potential and advanced technologies of leading foreign educational institutions and research centers in higher educational institutions.

If we do not defeat corruption, which is one of the biggest problems in education today, we will not be able to withstand competition on the world stage and solve the tasks that the head of state sets before us. We will not be able to prepare qualified personnel for the country, to provide high-quality education to our youth. Training in conditions of corruption, it is not difficult to imagine the competence of such “specialists”. How can we talk about a better future for society, the country, if we train personnel who have already felt the “taste” of corruption? In such conditions, is it possible to train and educate honest, dedicated, qualified specialists who can contribute to the development of the Republic? Of course, it is impossible.

We can achieve our goal by destroying the roots of corruption not only in education, but in all areas of our society. It is necessary to develop immunity to corruption among specialists working in the higher education system. To develop this immunity, each of our colleagues, a public servant, must fight against corruption. Then it is possible to turn the system of higher education into a sphere free of corruption.

Tulkin Teshabaev Rector of Tashkent University of Information Technologies named after Muhammad al-Khwarizmi,

Doctor of Economics, Associate Professor