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TUIT’s mission statement

The mission of Tashkent University of Information Technologies named after Muhammad al-Khwarizmi is to establish itself as a leading institution with a rich tradition and international acclaim. We are dedicated to advancing science and technology for the benefit of society. Our commitment is to develop a modern research-educational-industrial institution grounded in the principles of sustainable development, contributing to the future of our nation and humanity.

Institutional Overview and Commitment


TUIT is recognized as a prestigious university with a rich historical tradition both in the Republic and internationally. Our goal is to continue advancing science and technology for the benefit of our society. We are committed to shaping the future of our country through innovative and technology-based methods. We recognize our responsibility to society, grounded in our history and a commitment to ethical and humane standards in our research and teaching activities.

We acknowledge that research and education in the exact sciences are closely intertwined with the humanities and social sciences. All our scientific and educational endeavors are dedicated to serving the interests of our people. Members of our university are actively engaged in promoting gender equality, family education, and improving working conditions. We ensure equal opportunities for all university staff and firmly oppose any form of discrimination. We also uphold the principles of diversity in worldviews and opinions in our teaching and research activities.


We provide a comprehensive overview of interesting and practice-oriented data across a wide range of disciplines, fostering future scientific conversations and interdepartmental research relationships with our partners. Our research initiatives are designed to address real-world challenges, ensuring that our findings have practical applications and contribute to societal advancements. We are committed to interdisciplinary collaboration, recognizing that the integration of diverse perspectives and expertise leads to more innovative and impactful solutions.


TUIT equips students with the academic knowledge necessary for their development into highly qualified specialists. Our diverse range of subjects offers students inter-university education that reflects the social and global mission of the university. Continuous education in science is an integral part of university life and forms the foundation for lifelong research. Innovation is a key pillar of our sustainable development strategy. We continuously improve the quality of teaching by enhancing the skills of our educators and promoting effective communication between teachers and students.

Providing Practice-Oriented Knowledge

We support the exchange of knowledge and technology between the university and industry. We form strategic alliances with companies, universities, and extracurricular research institutes. We encourage innovation through spin-offs and support members of our university in establishing companies. We engage in public discussions at regional and national levels and maintain strong relationships with our alumni.

Organizational Culture

TUIT fosters an environment of continuous human resource development. All social groups are actively involved in the optimal organizational and management structures of the university. We consciously use our facilities and resources in a safe and environmentally sound manner. We encourage our young graduates and researchers to pursue suitable job opportunities.