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Department head:

Kakhramonov Elbek Kuvondik ogli

Reception hours: daily from 15:00 to 17:00.

Phone: (+99871) 238-55-55

The student registration department carries out the following activities at the university: providing students with academic (transcript) and other types of certificates, payment agreements, information about the university and faculties, directions and forms of study, organization of work related to the process of issuing diplomas (duplicates) to students , enrollment of students in the HEMIS and LMS information systems, obtaining confirmation of electronic diplomas. The department is subordinate to the Department of Admission and Registration of Students.

Department composition

The department consists of five people: 1 manager, 2 leading specialists and 2 chief specialists.

Main tasks and responsibilities of the department:

  • effective organization of the system of work with students, ensuring the quality of services, speed and transparency of the services provided;
  • provision of a certificate of training;
  • provision of a transcript;
  • issuance of a certificate of transfer of studies;
  • providing information about academic leave;
  • providing information about expulsion from the ranks of students;
  • providing information about the restoration of studies;
  • changing students' personal data in the system;
  • providing information about the Career Center;
  • provision of information about internal regulations;
  • providing information about available courses and centers;
  • receiving complaints and suggestions;
  • providing information about faculties;
  • providing information about educational programs;
  • providing information about the transition from group to group;
  • providing information about student exchange programs;
  • issuance of student certificates;
  • providing information about the academic calendar;
  • providing information about final exams;
  • providing information about academic grants;
  • issuance of diplomas (duplicates).
  • consulting students, answering questions, helping in solving problems;