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Department head:

Shamsiev Alibek Sabirovich

Reception hours: Every day from 15:00 to 17:00

Phone: (+99871) 238-55-55

The admissions department (admission committee) of students is responsible for forming the composition of the university admissions committee, organizing a high-quality admission process for full-time, part-time and distance learning, for organizing interviews for admission, for transferring and reinstating students. The department is also responsible for increasing the attractiveness of the university in the international arena, for attracting foreign citizens to study and for career guidance work.

The admissions committee is a structural unit that performs such tasks as consulting applicants and their parents on admission issues, providing complete information about the areas of bachelor's and master's degrees. The department reports to the head of the department for admission and registration of students.

Department composition:

The department consists of four people, i.e., one chief and three specialists.

Main responsibilities of the department:

  • Organizing the process of admitting applicants based on the current legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan and ensuring compliance with the requirements;
  • Participation in the presentation and promotion of the University throughout the Republic;
  • Complete and high-quality organization of the process of accepting applicants’ documents;
  • Explaining to applicants about the existing educational programs of the university and the conditions for passing entrance exams;
  • consulting applicants and their parents on all admissions issues in full-time and online forms;
  • accepting applications from applicants through the online platform and consulting, commenting on errors and comments, as well as checking certificates (IELTS, TOEFL, etc.) for authenticity through the corresponding official website;
  • Creation of a database of applicants;
  • Consulting applicants in the process of applying for training;
  • Preparation and execution of orders, instructions, schedules and other University documents regarding admission issues;
  • introducing applicants to the university, providing information about its advantages; about areas of study and conditions for admission;