Youth of Uzbekistan against corruption

Where there is corruption, there is no development, because corruption destroys openness. In turn, the lack of transparency and openness inhibits the development and progress of society, and serves the prosperity of falsehood. In this regard, as a result of corruption in education system, many young people who want to become worthy members of society gradually lose their confidence in themselves, the desire for knowledge, their enthusiasm disappears and, in the end, they cannot become competitive personnel in labor market.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that gradually in Uzbekistan corruption, which impedes the development of certain industries, is losing ground. But to combat this evil, not only in education, but in all areas of society, efforts of all citizens of the country are needed. Since without the cleansing of society from corruption, the reforms carried out by President Sh. Mirziyoyev will not produce expected results.

In our country, a whole range of measures is being taken to combat corruption, and relevant laws and regulations are being adopted. In ensuring their implementation, joint action is important.

As a conclusion, I would like to note that a huge amount of work is being done in the Republic to combat corruption. Ensuring openness will allow us to rise to a new level, improve the quality of work in all sectors.

To combat corruption, I want to propose strengthening public control mechanisms. As the head of our state said, we must clean every industry from corruption.

Abilov Umidbek Utkirovich

Leader of the Youth Union of TUIT,

Rector Advisor on TUIT Youth