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Head of the department:

Nabiyev Ilkhomdjon Sharifovich

Office hours: Monday – Friday ( 14:00-17:00 )
Phone number: (+99871) 238-65-63

Department of Education:

The Department of Education provides and monitors the implementation of the Law on Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Decrees of the President, Decrees of the Cabinet of Ministers, orders, instructions, modemograms and telephone messages of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education, as well as the implementation of rector's orders at faculties, departments and divisions. In addition, it provides methodological support for the creation of scientific programs aimed at improving the efficiency of educational process and quality of education at the university, organizes educational process on a scientific basis, providing standard programs and other regulatory documents, in accordance with the requirements of state education standards.

     The main tasks of the education department:

  • Formation of training schedules based on working curricula and audience facilities;
  • Regular control of the lessons on the basis of the developed lesson schedule;
  • Summarizing the final control questions submitted by the relevant departments;
  • Organization and control of midterm exams in relevant subjects on the basis of the approved training schedule;
  • Regular updating of the database of final control questions formed by topics;
  • Conducting final exams in subjects on the basis of the approved schedule of classes;
  • Formation of a record on the development of subjects by students after the end of the final test;
  • Organization of the process of re-education of students who have not mastered the subjects;
  • Training of the teaching staff in the use of the credit system platform during the academic year;
  • Creation of an opportunity for self-selection of subjects by students;
  • Issuance of all documents and letters for entry and exit related to the department;
  • Conducting a credit week for students in the course section on the basis of the approved class schedule;
  • Maintenance of personal pages of students, teachers, lecturers and employees on the platform of the credit system;
  • Active participation in the spiritual, educational and organizational activities of the University.

Telegram account: @credittuit_help