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1. General information about admission

  • Terms of acceptance of documents: from June 15 to July 15, 2019
  • The time of testing: July - August
  • The work schedule of the selection committee: Monday - Saturday (9: 00-18: 00)
  • Telephone number of the selection committee: (95) 142-10-55

2. Documents provided by applicants to the admission committee:

  • The civil passport;
  • Original copy of secondary or specialized secondary education;

In addition, the applicant personally documents the passport and the application for military service.

Statement indicating the direction of education, language and form of education;

Through the system for accepting electronic applications of the university's admissions office, applicants can submit electronic applications via the Internet.


(95) 142-10-53
(95) 142-10-54
(95) 142-10-55
(95) 142-10-56
(95) 142-10-57

4. Qoshimcha kontrakt haqida ma'lumot

5.O'zbekiston Respublikasi Qurolli Kuchlari harbiy xizmatchilari farzandlarining kvota asosida respublika oliy ta'lim muassasalariga o'qishga kirishi uchun tavsiyanomalar berish tartibi to'g'risidagi nizomni tasdiqlash haqida

6. Abituriyentlar uchun qabul jarayonlariga oid ma'lumotlar:

7. The process of admission to the admissions office and advice

8. Information about educational laboratories in the field of specialization of entrants

9. Information on the location of buildings in which tests are conducted

  • Test trials for full-time, special correspondence and evening (shift) training are held annually in two shifts July - August. The first shift begins at 08:00, the second shift at 15:00.
  • After the beginning of test, applicants are not allowed on the territory of the building.
  • Applicants participate in the test according to the date and time indicated in the applicant's admission.
  • The assigned dates for students are unchangeable, the entrants' participation for the test at other time is not allowed.
  • Testing is conducted in pavilions and additionally on the territory of national exhibitions of Uzexpomarkaz in Tashkent, as well as other large-capacity buildings, in the regional centers - in the premises of the Olympic Reserve colleges and other large-capacity buildings.