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Requirements for article

General requirements

1. Articles are accepted in three languages: Uzbek, English and Russian. It is mandatory to translate the entire article into English.

2. The title of the article, abstract, keywords are presented in three languages: Uzbek, English and Russian.

3. UDC is given.

4. Information about the author (s) of the article should be provided. Information includes (on a separate sheet):

  • surname, name, patronymic of the author (s),
  • place of work and position,
  • contact numbers and email.
  • a journal heading in which the article will be placed.

5. Followings have to be attached to the article: a review of the article and an expert opinion on the possibility of publication in the open press.

6. The editors shall be submitted one copy of paper version of the article with necessary documents and an electronic version of the article.

7. The article should contain a clear statement of a problem, a description of the research method, a statement of results obtained and an indication of their scope.

8. The volume of articles including illustrations and bibliography, should not exceed 15 pages.

General rules

  1. The author is responsible for the information provided.
  2. The editors do not return or comment on the article.
  3. The editors have the right to send an article for additional expertise.
  4. If the article has no scientific value, and it is not completed on demand, or is issued in another format, the editors have the right not to accept the article.

Journal headings

1. Informatics and information technology.

2. Info communication networks and systems.

3. Radio engineering, radio communication and broadcasting.

4. Mathematical modeling and programming.

5. Protection of information.

6. Microelectronics and circuitry.

7. Socio-economic and humanitarian problems.

Rules of registration

1. The article should be written in a text editor Microsoft Word 97-2003 (other versions are not accepted).

2. Fields of the document: top - 2 cm, bottom - 2 cm, left - 3 cm, right - 1.5 cm. Numbering below and in the middle.

3. Single interval, paragraph-1 cm.

4. All articles must be written in Times New Roman standard only.

14 fonts are typed.

5. Formulas:

  • Formulas should be typed in the formula editor Microsoft Word 97-2003;
  • formulas should be placed in the middle of the page;
  • formulas are numbered sequentially on the right side of the document incircular brackets (for example, (4));
  • it is impossible to use formulas saved as a drawing;
  • there must be an empty line before and after the formula.

6. Tables:

  • Tables are numbered sequentially.
  • The table name and its number must be entered;
  • In the article the word “table” should be written in full;
  • The name of the table and its contents are centered.

7. Figures (diagrams).

  • numbering of figures and diagrams is implemented sequentially;
  • the picture should be named (diagrams);
  • it is necessary to use the word “figure” for a diagram (fig.);
  • figures (diagrams) are centralized and the name is written below;
  • you can not use pictures made using Microsoft Word.

8. It is prohibited to use any scanned information (formulas, tables, figures, etc.).

9. The article should be divided into 3 three parts.

I.    Введение (Кириш, Introduction)
II.   Основная часть (Асосий қисм, Main part)
III.  Вывод(ы) (Хулоса(лар), Conclusion(s))

References to literary sources are put in square brackets. For example, [2]; [1-4, 6]. Literary sources are given in the part called REFERENCES (АДАБИЁТЛАР, ЛИТЕРАТУРА).

Literary sources are issued according to generally accepted international rules.