Head of the department:

a Doctor of Historical Science, Professor Makhkamova Nadira Rakhmanovna

Reception time: Monday-Friday (14:00-16:00)
Phone:(0 371) 238-64-75

Nodira Rakhmanovna graduated from Tashkent State University (now Uzbekistan National University) the faculty of history with excellent marks in 1989 and entered the postgraduate course that year. In 1995, she successfully defended her PhD thesis.
1996  Nadira Rakhmanovna began to work in the department of "Historiography and Source Studies" of the Institute of History of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the position of a scientific researcher.
In 1999-2002 she was a doctoral student of this institute and worked on her doctoral thesis on "The social structure of society in the territory of Uzbekistan: traditions and transformations (late XIX - 30s of the XX century), which she successfully defended in 2009. After graduating from the doctorate, she began her career as Senior Researcher and Grant Leader in the Department of “Historiography and Source Studies” of the Institute of History of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
Scientific activity of N.R. Makhkamova deserves special attention, as she actively participates with her informative reports in many republican and international scientific conferences and seminars devoted to topical issues of historical science. More than 100 scientific articles, scientific and methodical works and monographs published under her authorship and in co-authorship testify her stormy scientific activity.

N.R. Makhkamova is also a member of the Specialized Council at the Institute of History of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan and the National University of Uzbekistan.

Currently, within the framework of innovative cooperation, N.R. Makhkamova is a participant in a number of scientific projects carried out by the Institute of History of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan.

The Department of “History of Uzbekistan” was founded in 1955 and as a separate department began its activity in 1970 along with other departments of the humanitarian direction. Since 1955 the department had been headed by Associate Professor S.Y. Svirsky (in 1976 Doctor of Technical Sciences, from 1978, Professor), until 1967 the post of head of the department was occupied by Associate Professor H.T. Tursunov (further, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Academician). Also, the post of the head of the department was occupied by Associate Professor V.V. Yakovlev, L.T. Salimyaznova, Associate Professor Yafasova, Associate Professor V.I. Polyakov, the senior lecturer А.М. Mirkholikov, H.H.Abdurakhmanov, senior lecturer B.D. Yusupov, Associate Professor M.T. Abdurasulov. In 1965, N.V. Mandralskaya, who is a graduate of the Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov, began her activity in the department. Subjects of the humanitarian direction, such as history, philosophy, economics and some other elective courses were taught in the department. In the 80 years of the last century young scientists were invited to the department, such as Z.H. Tadjiev, V.V. Germanova, M.M. Saidov and others. From them, the assistants of N.G Ozerov and H.S. Salamullayev successfully defended their Ph.D. theses and received the title of Associate Professor.
At the department also worked the participant of the Second World War, Candidate of Technical Sciences I.I. Isamiddinov, who made a great contribution to the training of young cadres in various specialties.
1967-1983 the department was in charge by candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor H.H. Abdurakhmanov, in 1982-2003 doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor, honored worker of science of Uzbekistan A.G. Abdunabiev, Associate Professor N.G. Ozerova, Associate Professors V.V. Yakovlev, A.M. Mirhalikov, doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor A.Uralov, Associate Professor M.M. Saidova. At present, the post of the head of the department is occupied by Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor N.R. Makhkamova (December 17, 2009 defended her doctoral dissertation).
Among the heads of the department, Abdunabiev Abdulla Gulyamovich's activity deserves special attention, which made a great contribution to the development of the department. From 1983 to 2008 he led his pedagogical and scientific activities at the Department of History of Uzbekistan. In the process of work, he showed himself to be a competent and real teacher who knows how to work with students and teaching staff. He also led 24 candidate and 3 doctoral dissertations, made a huge contribution to the education of harmonious individuals and the training of professional personnel. Abdulla Gulyamovich is the author of many scientific articles, monographs and brochures. He is also the author of the program of teaching the course of the History of Uzbekistan. A.G. Abdunabiev was awarded with several orders, a medal and credentials.
Under the leadership of A.G. Abdunabiyev teachers of the department prepared the book "Essays on the History of the Development of Communication in Uzbekistan," which was published in the publishing house "Fan" in 1991. His books in the Uzbek language "Tarih Munavvar Kuzgu", "Intilganga tole yer", " Toshkentning mo’tabar kishilari " are samples auxiliary literature for students.
In 2002-2005, the post of the head of the department was occupied by the candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor Saidova Malika Malikovna. In the years of her leadership, the department developed from all sides, its scientific potential grew, which is evidenced by the successful defence of Candidate's dissertation Salamullaev Khairulla Salamullaevich. H.S. Salamullaev received his Ph.D in history and worked as an Associate Professor. Also, teachers of the department in these years prepared and published many brochures, educational and methodological manuals, scientific articles in scientific and popular science magazines, as well as in periodicals. Also, the staff of the department participated in international conferences.
Since 2006 the department has been headed by Makhkamova Nadira Rakhmanovna. During her leadership active pedagogical and scientific-methodical work continued at the department. The department began teaching new subjects, such as "Military History", "Culturology" and "The Idea of National Independence". As a result, the employee of the department Arifkhanov Bakhtiyor Anvarovich, along with the development of the study program on the subject "Military History" also wrote and published a training manual entitled "History of Wars and Military Art."
Teachers Sh.T.Urmanova and Z.S. Kasimova were involved in the department for teaching the subject "Culturology" and Professor Z.H. Ibodov on the subject of "Idea of National Independence". These teachers have made and are making a great contribution to the expansion of the scientific potential of the department. Makhkamova Nadira Rakhmanovna received the title of Associate Professor in 2008 and successfully defended her doctoral thesis in 2009.
Since the formation of the department several monographs, pamphlets, educational and methodological manuals, scientific articles in newspapers and magazines of the national and international level have been published by the teachers of this department. Teachers of the department participated in international conferences in the USA, Moscow, Samara, St. Petersburg and Tashkent.
The scientific research of the department is mainly aimed at studying the actual issues of national history, in particular the evolution of scientific views and culture in the territory of Uzbekistan. In the years of independence, the department staff published several monographs and brochures such as "Sohibqiron Amir Temur haqida yetti suhbat", "Qadimgi tariximizning o'chmas sahifalari", "Markaziy Osiyo xonliklarida madaniyat rivoji", " Jahon tsivilizatsiyasiga qo’shilgan hissa ", "O'zbek xalqining etnik shakllanishi "," O'zbekistonda ko'p partiyaviylikning shakllanishi "," One hundred names in the coil of history ".
In recent years, the faculty has published more than 50 articles in authoritative republican magazines "Muloqot", "Sharq yulduzi", "O'zbekiston tarixi", etc. The teachers of this department with TUIT students took part in scientific and practical conferences organized by the university such as "Uzbekistan on the threshold of the XXI century", "Jaloliddin Manguberdy buyuk vatanparvar", at conferences dedicated to the Independence Day, "Uzbekistan is my homeland", 2700 anniversary of the Avesta.
Twice a year the university conducts traditional scientific and practical conferences, in which, along with teachers, students are also actively involved.
The teaching staff of the department constantly work to increase their scientific potential and pedagogical experience. The department actively cooperates with the departments of humanitarian direction of other educational institutions, the National University of Uzbekistan and the Institute of History of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan, as well as the academic lyceum under TUIT.
In the 2013-2014 the departments of "Philosophy" and "History of Uzbekistan" were unified into one department named the "Humanities" department, the head of this department is N.R. Makhkamova. And also she is the chairman of the union of women scientists of the university.
The activity of NR Makhkamova was duly noted with honorary letters and letters of gratitude from the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education, the Ministry for the Development of Information Technologies and Communications of the Republic of Uzbekistan and TUIT named after Muhammad al-Khwarizmi.

Subjects teaching in the department:


  • The History of Uzbekistan
  • Sociology
  • Philosophy (ethics, aesthetics, logics)
  • Civil society
  • Religious Studies

Professors and teachers of department:

  • Makhkamova Nodira Rakhmanovna - doctor of historical sciences, professor
  • Tulenova Gulmira Jandarovna - doctor of philosophy, professor
  • Amanov Bakhtiyor Akhtamovich - candidate of political sciences, associate professor
  • Sagdullayeva Dilbar Shuhratovna., - candidate of philosophy, senior teacher
  • Shirinova Fotima Nosirovna., - senior teacher
  • Ziyaeva Dilorom Salikhovna., - senior teacher
  • Arifkhanov Bakhtiyor Anvarovich., - senior teacher
  • Abdullaeva Ziyoda Nabievna., - senior teacher
  • Azizova Mohira Anvarovna., - senior teacher
  • Hamdamova Adolat Rashitovna., - senior teacher
  • Babadjanov Hasan Anvarovich - senior teacher, PhD
  • Boboyorov Bobomurod Normatovich - associate professor
  • Alimova Shakhnoza Hamidovna., - senior teacher
  • Zaynitdinova Vasila Bakiyevna., assistent
  • Shermatova Nodira Sultonbekovna., - senior teacher
  • Sanaqulov Abror Nazarovich., - senior teacher
  • Kasimova Zumrad Sabirjanovna - senior teacher
  • Karimova Gulchehra Abdukarimovna - assistant
  • Payziyeva Muqaddas Khabibullayevna (replace) - candidate of historical sciences
  • Mamadaliyev Husniddin Muydiniyivich (replace) - candidate of historical sciences
  • Tashkenbayava Diyora Abdurashidovna (replace) - assistant


Scientific theme of the department:

  • "Modern processes of socio-political modernization in Uzbekistan: state and development prospects"

Scientific potential of the department is 30%.

Currently, three independent researchers and two doctoral students work at the department.

Bobojurov Bobomurod is an independent researcher. Scientific consultant - Doctor of Philosophy, Professor Tulenova G.J Theme of the Dissertation: "Dialectics of improving interethnic relations in the conditions of democratization of society's life".
Sagdullaeva Dilbar is an independent researcher. Scientific consultant - Doctor of Philosophy, Professor Tulenova G.J. Theme of the Dissertation: "Socio-philosophical foundations of the processes of socio-political modernization in Uzbekistan".
Sanakulov Abror is an independent researcher. Scientific consultant - Doctor of Philosophy Qahhorova M. Theme of the Dissertation: "Social environment of the information society and dialectics of the virtual world".

Tashkentanbaeva Diera is a basic doctoral student of the Institute of History of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan. Scientific consultant - doctor of historical sciences, Professor Mahkamova N.R. Theme of the Dissertation: "Problems of socio-economic and cultural life of colonial Turkistan in English-speaking historiography".

Bakhtiyorzoda Oydinhon is a doctoral student of the Institute of History of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan.Scientific consultant - doctor of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor Mahkamova N.R. Theme of the Dissertation: "History of geology of Uzbekistan in the twentieth century: formation and problems of development"


  • Tulenova G.J. “Philosophy” textbook for University students (J. Tulenova and K.Tulenova co-authors).
  • Makhkamova N.R. Mandaralskaya N.V. Kasimova Z.S. “History of Uzbekistan” methodical textbook for students of academic lyceums and schools.( 1917-1991).
  • Makhkamova N.R. “The history of the development of education and history in Uzbekistan. Essay”.
  • Makhkamova N.R. “History of Uzbekistan” methodical textbook for students of correspondence course.
  • Makhkamova N.R. “essays on history of communicational development in Uzbekistan” (methodical textbooks for independent work of students according to the course “history of Uzbekistan).
  • Babadjanov X.B. “Transforsation of the economy of Uzbekistan during World War II: processes”(monography)- Tashkent: Aloqachi 2017-203 pages.
  • Zaynitdinova V.B. Alimova Sh.X. “Basis of Morality and education” pedagogical technologies.
  • Arifkhanov B.A. “History of military “Texts of lectures for studants of special faculty.
  • Sadikov S.A. Sovershenstvovanie teoritiko-pravovix osnov elektronnogo pravitelstva v obespechenii vzaimodestviya institutov grajdanskogo obshestva I gosudarsvennix organov. (monografiya).
  • Khamdamova A.R. “National idea: main conceptions and principles.Theory and practice of building democratic society in Uzbekistan” methodical instructions.



  • “O’zbekiston pochtasi” AJ
  • “Alskom” insuranse company AJ
  • Center of supplying information security
  • “Aloqabank”
  • Elektromagnit moslashuv markazi davlat unitar korxonasi
  • AA va TT sohasida nazorat bo’yicha davlat inspeksiyasi.
  • "O’zbektelekom" AK “Telekommunikatsiya va personalni rivojlantirish markazi”
  • “UMS” mobile connection operator

Spiritual and educational work of the department.

Teaching staff of the department on a permanent basis are conducted in the framework of the university, as well as in mahallas, industry enterprises, in the academic lyceum at TUIT and branch vocational colleges, hostels of TUIT students, events dedicated to the most important events of the political, socio-economic and spiritual life of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The Department of Humanities also works closely with the Humanities Departments of the TUIT branches. Within the framework of this cooperation, joint activities are carried out on spirituality and enlightenment.

The address of the department: C-block, 3-floor, room №240