Power Supply Systems

Head of Department:

Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Eshmuradov D.E.

Reception days: Monday - Saturday (from 15:00 to 17:00)
Telephone: (+99871) 238-64-81

Since February 15, 2023, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Eshmuradov Dilshod Elmuradovich has been appointed head of the Department of Energy Supply Systems. Currently, the department has 1 professor, 3 associate professors, 6 senior teachers, 4 assistants and 1 engineer-technician.

The Department of Energy Supply Systems began to function in 1958 under the name of the Department of Power Supply of Communication Devices as part of the Faculty of Radio Communications and Broadcasting.

Classes in the disciplines taught at the Department of Power Supply of Communication Devices were originally conducted by professors and teachers of the Department of Telecommunications.

When creating the department, the head of the department was appointed candidate of technical sciences V.E. Korotkevich. Then A.P. Golovin (1966-1975), candidate of technical sciences, associate professor Yu.I. Kopnin (1975-1986), candidate of technical sciences, associate professor I.A. Keldeev (1986-2002), Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor B.M. Makhkamdzhanov (2002-2008), Ph.D., Associate Professor M.S. Sapaev (2008-2011), F.M. Kadyrov (2012- 2014), Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor I.Kh. Siddikovlar (2014-2021), Phd, Associate Professor Mallaev O.U. (2021-2023). From 15.02.2023 the head of the department is Ph.D., associate professor Eshmuradov Dilshod Elmuradovich.

In the 2021-2022 academic year, under the guidance of the head of the department, Ph.D., Associate Professor Mallaev O.U. the educational center "Electric power engineering" was opened.


60710600 - Power industry ("Information technologies and communications")


70710601 - Power supply (telecommunication networks and systems)



Master's degree:


  • Eshmuradov D.E. - candidate of technical sciences, associate professor, head of department;
  • Sapaev M.S. - candidate of technical sciences, associate professor;
  • Abdullaeva S.M. - Senior Lecturer;
  • Amurova N.Yu. - Senior Lecturer;
  • Borisova E.A. - Senior Lecturer;
  • Kadyrov F.M. - Senior Lecturer;
  • Khaidarbekova M.M. - Senior Lecturer;
  • Rakhmonova G.S. - Senior Lecturer;
  • Agzamova M.R. - assistant;
  • Saidova G.E. - assistant;
  • Saidova G.A. - assistant;
  • Sobirjanova G.K. – assistant;


In order to organize the quality of practical training of disciplines taught at the department, at the required level, physical stands and a virtual computer class work in laboratory work.

In order to further increase the interest of students in the subjects taught at the department, circles "Designer" and "Ecology" were created at the department. Members of the circle and talented students of the department participate in scientific conferences with their scientific articles. Professors and teachers of the department conduct their pedagogical and scientific activities together with the educational work of young people.

    As a result of the scientific activity of professors and teachers of the department, patents were issued for the inventions "Three-phase symmetrical current-voltage converter", "Three-phase symmetrical electromagnetic current-voltage converter" and "Device for recording and monitoring the operation of moving objects", "Hybrid power sources dependent on load control ”, “Study of the static description of the electromagnetic current-voltage converter”, “Choice of the nominal value of reactive sources of electrical energy”, “Calculation of the distributed parameter and the value of the circuits for converting electromagnetic current-voltage converters”, “Analysis of the hierarchical complex control system for continuous technological objects and complexes and algorithmic software systems for solving synthesis problems” and “Corporate intelligent test system for knowledge assessment”, as well as “Automation of train speed”. Inductive Angular Acceleration Sensors for Vertical Control and Adjustment Systems” and published many articles in several international and domestic prestigious journals.


  • ERASMUS+ ES PROJECT: 574049-EPP-1-2016-1-IT-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP "Modernization of curricula in the field of smart building - Green Building (GREB)" (2016-2019)
  • "Development of highly efficient methods for managing reactive power generation sources" (2017-2020)
  • "Creation of energy-efficient SMART houses based on renewable energy sources" (2017-2019)


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  • Workshop on "Life Safety" 2022, PE "Graphics Spectrum";
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    • L'Aquila University (Italy)
    • Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden)
    • Polytechnic University of Madrid (Spain)
    • Slovenian Construction Cluster (Slovenia)
    • Salzburg University of Applied Sciences (Austria)
    • Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (Russia)
    • Astrakhan Civil Engineering University (Russia)
    • National Research Nuclear University (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute MEPhI, Russia)
    • Kazan State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (Russia)
    • Mordovia State University named after N.P. Ogaryov (Russia)
    • Association of Educational Organizations of Civil Engineering (Russia)
    • Russian Technical Society (Russia)
    • Mongolian National University (Mongolia)
    • Mongolian University of Science and Technology (Mongolia)


  • Tashkent State Technical University (TDTU)
  • Tashkent Institute of Railway Engineers (TTMI)
  • Karakalpak State University (KSGU)
  • Urgench State University (URDU)
  • Jizzakh Polytechnic Institute (TPI)
  • Established innovative cooperation with the scientific and technical center of JSC "UZBEKYERGO" LLC