Electronics and Radiotechnics

Head of Department:

Tulyaganov Abdukhalil Abdujalilovich

Hours: Monday – Saturday (15:00-17:00)
Phone: (0 371) 238-65-87

The Department of “Electronics and Radio Engineering” was founded in 2013 by merging the Department of “Electronics and Circuit Engineering” and “Radio Engineering and Radio Communication”. In 2013-2014 the department was headed by the doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor H.K.Aripov, since 2014-2016 the department leads the candidate of technical sciences I.R.Faziljanov. From 2016 to the present time the department is headed by professor A.A.Tulyaganov.

The Department of “Electronics and Circuit Engineering” was established in 1969 on the basis of the department of radio receivers, which are now called radio communication devices. The department was in charge in different yearsby: in 1969-1972 Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor E.Fakhrutdinov, in 1972-1981 Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Associate Professor I.S.Andreev, in 1981-1986 Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences N.Yu.Yunusov, in 1986-1988 Academician of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor M.S.Yunusov and in 1988-2013 Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor H.K.Aripov. In different years at the department worked: Professor A.H.Kasimov, associate professors: L.A.Vvedenskaya, A.Vishnevetsky, I.A.Andreev, I.Kildeev, A.M.Abdullaev, H.H. Tohirjonov, N.Yu.Yunusov, V.Z.Pyataev, A.A.Tulaganov, J.Abdurakhmanov, H.H.Bustanov, E.V.Obedkov, Sh.Z.Tadjibaev, N.B.Alimova, senior lecturers : Yu.P.Vaulina, E.G.Glininaya, G.N.Kuzmina, G.N.Tsepenok, V.Z.Pyataev, I.A.Kartsevich, G.V.Korniltseva, R.K.Atametov, G.M.Akhmedova, D.Mirkhabibova, D.S.Irgashev assistants: N.M.Latipova, N.Yusupova, M.R.Alimova, N.R.Umarova, T.Nurmukhammedova, T. M.Ismoilov, B.Sh.Usmanov and others.

In 1960 the department of "Theoretical Foundations of Radio Engineering" was organized and in 1964-1965 academic year it was reorganized and was named "Theory of signal transmission and the theory of nonlinear electrical circuits" which in 2003-2004 academic year in accordance with the directions education curriculum was called "Radio Engineering and Radio Communication". This department was in charge in different years by: in 1960-1964 the senior lecturer V.A.Chernovyov, in 1964-1978 the candidate of technical sciences, associate professor G.Ya.Lyahovetsky, in 1978-1993 the candidate of technical Sci., Associate Professor A.A.Kropivnitsky, in 1993-1997 candidate of technical sciences, Associate Professor  S.Kh.Sidikov.

In different years the associate professors worked at the department: B.N.Vorotintsev, M.A.Mendelson, V.Lyutin, N.N. Gulturaev, V.А.Pak Ph.D., A.A.Yarmukhamedov Ph.D., senior lecturers: V.K.Shtein, Ya.T.Avilkina, Y.T.Yusupov, assistants: Y.T. Jalolova (Kravchenko), A.Savchuk, Yu.I.Kulebyakin, O.Murbonov, A.AKovalenko, O.G.Shatskaya, N.V.Bochkayeva, L.A.Buchok, K.B.Boymurodov and others.

In 1997-2010, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Academician of the International Academy of Communications A.A.Abduazizov, and in 2010-2013 Candidate of Technical Sciences I.R.Faziljanov.

At the present time the department is staffed by: the head of the department  professor A.A.Tulyaganov, the candidate of technical sciences I.R.Faziljanov, the professors Kh.K.Aripov, A.M.Abdullaeva, the senior teachers: H.H.Shayusupova, U.Sh.Sabirova, Sh.T.Tashmatov, N.A.Yadgarova, O.Kh.Nushtaeva, G.Kh.Djuraev, S.A.Azizov, A.K.Atanizov, assistants: T.Nurmukhamedova, J.I.Mamajanov, Z.Kh.Aripova, Sh.K.Kholmonov, V.А.Gasieva, A.Yadgarova, S.K.Ramonova, K.Boymurodov, H.I.Foziljonov, A.Ya.Ashurov , B.A.Alimjonov, S.Artikbaev, M.Umaraliev.

The department conducts classes in the following areas:

  • Telecommunication technologies (Telecommunication technologies, Tele-broadcasting, Mobile systems);
  • Television technology;
  • Special faculty;
  • Professional education in the field of ICT;
  • Informatization and library science;
  • Computer engineering (Computer engineering, IT service, information security, multimedia technologies);
  • Software engineering;
  • Economics and management in the field of information and communication technologies;
  • Technology of postal communication.

Teaching staff of the department:

  • Tulyaganov A.A. - the head of the department, (PhD), Professor
  • Aripov H.K. - Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, professor;
  • Yusupov A. - doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor;
  • Abdullayev A.M. - Doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, dotsent;
  • Fozilzhonov I.R. - Candidate of Technical Sciences, associate professor;
  • Toshmatov Sh.T. - (PhD), Senior Lecturer;
  • Shoyusupova H.X. - Senior Lecturer;
  • Sobirova U.Sh. - Senior Lecturer;
  • Yadgarova N.A. - Senior Lecturer;
  • Nushtayeva O.H. - Senior Lecturer;
  • Zhuraeva G.Kh. - Senior Lecturer;
  • Azizova S.A. - Senior Lecturer;
  • Aripova Z.H. - Assistant;
  • Kholmonov Sh.K. - Assistant;
  • Nurmuhamedova T.U. - Assistant;
  • Yadgarova A.A. - Assistant;
  • Fozilzhonov H.I. - Assistant;
  • Ramonova S.K - Assistant;
  • Boymurodov K.B. - Assistant;
  • Ashurov A.A. - Assistant;
  • Yusupova M.M. - Assistant;
  • Mamazhanov Zh.I. - Assistant;
  • Alimzhanov B.A. - Trainee teacher;
  • Umaraliyev M.I. - Trainee teacher;
  • Artikbayev S.D. - Trainee teacher;
  • Gaziyeva V.A. - Assistant;
  • Ataniyazov A.K. - Senior Lecturer;
  • Yusupov Ya.T. - Senior Lecturer;

The list of state and foreign grants (fundamental, practical and innovative projects):

  • "Hardware and software complex for remote monitoring of the level of pollution of various gases in terrestrial territories of large cities by means of channel of mobile communication" - 2015-2017.
    Fazilzhanov I.R. - The head of the project

The list of scientific articles published by professors and teachers of the department:

  • Investigation of the parametric stabilizer of a constant voltage on a three-structure-injection-voltagic transistor. I.R. Fazilzhanov, Kh.Kh.Shoyusupova, U.Sh.Sobirova, N.A. Yadgarova. TATU Khabarlari 2013
  • Training of specialists in infocommunications in Uzbekistan. Abduazizov A.A., Rakhimov T. Electrosvyaz-2013
  • Investigation of multiparameter nonlinear mathematical models of biopolar transistors. Aripov Kh.K. TATU Khabarlari 2014
  • "Improving the Telephone Network and Plan for Numerating Telecommunications Networks in Uzbekistan" "Telecommunications: Networks, Technologies, Solutions" No. 2,2014
  • "Telecommunications: networks, technologies, solutions" №2, 2015
  • "Investigation of a parametric zener diode of a constant voltage on a composite three-structure-modulation-voltagic transistor." R.Fazilzhanov, U.Sh.Sobirova, N.A. Yadgarova. TATU Khabarlari 2015
  • " Investigation of the amplitude-frequency characteristics of a complementary emitter repetition on three-structure injection-voltagic transistors" I.R. Fazilzhanov, Kh.Kh.Shoyusupova, U.Sh.Sobirova. TATU Khabarlari 2015
  • "Interactive television - development trends, technological solutions and implementation problems in Uzbekistan, Part-3" Problems of the introduction of interactive television in Uzbekistan "

Scientific and methodical works of the department:

  • "Radio technical systems" .Textbook, Part 1. Abduazizov A.A.
  • "Circuit Engineering." Textbook. Aripov Kh.K., Abdullaev A.M., Alimova N.B.
  • "Digital signals processing” (Methodical manual) On the Latin chart. A.Abduazizov, I.R. Faziljonov, Ya.T. Yusupov
  • " Electrical communication theory " (Methodical manual ) On the Latin chart.
  • Methodical instructions for conducting virtual laboratory work on the subject
  • "Radio technical systems." For students of the special faculty. H.H. Shayusupova, U.Sh.Sobirova.
  • "Radio transmitting devices." (Methodical manual ) Abduazizov A.
  • "Digital radio communication systems." Textbook . Abduazizov A.
  • Methodical instructions for conducting virtual laboratory work on the subject
  • "Signals and systems" for students of the direction 5350100-Telecommunication technologies. I.R. Fazilzhanov, H.H.Shayusupova, U.Sh. Sobirova, G.Kh. Zhuraeva

In 2016-2017 academic year the faculty of the department developed and published the following educational, training and methodical manuals and monographs:

  • Kh.K.Aripov, A.A. Tulyaganov, G.X.Jo'raeva, A.R.Mavlyanov " Radio electronic equipment technology and design". T .: "Aloqachi", 2017, 108 b. A manual for cadets of the Special Faculty of TUIT.
  • A.A. Tulyaganov, X.X.Shoyusupova, U.Sh.Sobirova, Ya.T.Yusupov " Principles of electrical communication ". T .: "Aloqachi", 2017, 248 b. Tutorial.
  • A.A. Tulyaganov, X.X.Shoyusupova, U.Sh.Sobirova, Ya.T.Yusupov, N.A.Yadgarova "Signallar va tizimlar". T .: "Aloqachi", 2017, 216 b. Tutorial.
  • Aripov Kh.K., Abdullaev A.M., Toshmatov Sh.T. "Stabilization of the operating mode of power planters based on photo- and injection-voltagic effects." Monograph. T.: "Fan va texnologiya", 2017, 280 p.
  • X.K.Aripov, A.M.Abdullayev, N.B.Alimova, X.X.Bustanov, Sh.T.Toshmatov. “Design of digital logical devices” . T .: "Aloqachi", 2017, 396 b. Textbook.
  • Toshmatov.Sh.E. “The main regularities of the formation of volt-ampere characteristics (VAC) of power amplifiers”. Monograph. -Е .: "Fan va texnologiya", 2017, 252 pages.
  • Abdullaev A.M., Alimova N.B. “Elekro radio materials”. T .: "Iqtisod-moliya", 2017, 112b.
  • Aripov Kh.K., Toshmatov Sh.T., Salixov N.R. “ Design of digital logical devices “. Methodical instruction for the performance of laboratory works.
  • Aripova Z.Х. "Elektronics and Circuit Engineering". Methodical instruction for performing laboratory work for students of the Special Faculty.
  • Tulyaganova V.A., Nushtaeva O.X., Romanova S.K., Gazieva V.A. "Theory of electrical circuits" the course of lectures ". Collection of lectures for students of the specialty 5350100 - Telecommunication technologies on the discipline "Theory of electrical circuits".
  • Abdullaev A.M., Romanova S.K. "Methodical instructions for performing practical works". Methodical instructions for the practical training of the discipline "Digital logic design".
  • Abdullaev A.M., Mirxabibova J.M., Nurmuhamedova T.U., Xolmonov Sh.Q. "Methodical instructions for performing laboratory works" Methodical instruction on the performance of laboratory works of the discipline "Digital logic design".
  • Yadgarova A.A. "Methodological manual for laboratory works on the course of the theory of electric circuits". Methodical manual for the implementation of laboratory works of the discipline "Theory of electrical circuits."
  • Abdullaev A.M., Foziljonov X.I., Salihov N.R. "Digital logic design" The text of the lectures. Collection of lectures.
  • Tulyaganova V.A., Gazieva V.A. " Electric chain theory". Methodical instructions for practical studies of the discipline "Theory of electrical circuits" for students of the Special Faculty.
  • Boymuratov K.B. "Radio technical systems" Methodical instructions for the practical training of the discipline "Radio engineering systems" for students of the Special Faculty.
  • Zhuraeva G.Ҳ., Nurmukhammedova T.U., Mukhamedova D. " The basis of automatics and impulse technics". Educational-methodical complex for students of professional colleges of speciality 3522200 - Telecommunications.
  • Zhuraeva G.H., Nurmukamedova T.U., Ergashev D. "Electronics in microelectronics". Educational-methodical complex for students of professional colleges of specialty 3522200 - Telecommunications.
  • Zhuraeva G.H., Nurmuhammedova T., Kholmonov Sh.K., Mukhamedova D. "Radio technical measurements” Educational and methodical complex for students of professional colleges of specialty 3522200 - Telecommunications.

The activity of the department

  • Research work at the department is organized and conducted in accordance with the guidelines on a planned basis.
  • The department organizes joint work on the development of educational, training and methodological manuals with the teaching staff of the university's branches, also the teachers of the faculty conducts classes on the basis of regular plan with students and teaching staff of the corresponding departments of TUIT branches.
  • A partnership agreement was signed with SUE Unicon.uz.
  • Professor Kh.K.Aripov received the patent № IAP 05287 №10 (186) on October 31, 2016.
  • Professor A.M. Abdullaev is a member of the editorial board of the international magazine Sci-article.ru.
  • Professor A.A. Tulyaganov is a member of the editorial board of the journal of the Academy of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan, registered by the Higher Attestation Commission under the Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan.