Foreign Languages

Head of the department:

Sharipova Aziza Abdumanapovna

Reception: Monday – Friday ( 12:00 – 14:00)
Phone: (+99871) 238-64-67

  The Foreign Languages Department ​​was founded in 1955. At the beginning, there were taught 4 languages, namely, English, German, French and Russian languages. Since 1980 when department experienced structural reformation, Russian Languages Department has  started to work as an independent department, while English, German and French languages ​​have been taught at the Foreign Languages Department. The first head of the department was O.E. Kostromina in 1980-1991, in 1991-1997 associate professor Y.A. Inagamova, in 1999-2013 senior teacher G.N. Suleymanova, from February 20, 2013 to January 9, 2018, Senior Lecturer V.H. Gaziyeva supervised the department. Since January 11, 2018, Ph.D., Associate Professor A.A. Sharipova has been working as the head of the department. The department offers practical training in English, German and French in all areas of undergraduate education (full-time and part-time). The department has 33 employees: a head of the department, 7 associate professors, 10 senior teachers, 16 assistants. During the 2000-2001 academic year, a professors delegation from the Texas University visited and exchanged experiences with the department’s staff and also they had an internship at our university. The department conducts research on the development of teaching methods and the introduction of innovative teaching methods.  As well as, members of the department regularly participate in international, national and university conferences with their articles and theses. In 2006, G.S. Sobirova studied and improved her skills in the “Multimedia In English Teaching Program” at the Malaysia Technical University. Furthermore, she is a laureate of the “Iste’dod” Fund and has been trained for the new pedagogical technology program at the MARA Technology University. In addition, in October 2006, she participated as a consultant in Uzbek – German project that aimed to improve the role of information technology in vocational education.

   More than 100 course books and teaching manuals have been published since 1991, and 5 of them have a certificate from the Coordinating Council.

   Hundreds of students from TUIT and its branches participate the scientific-practical conference named "Intellectual Generation of Uzbekistan" and Competition of applications for learning a foreign language, which are annually held by Foreign Languages Department. The main purpose of the conference is to identify and support gifted and talented students of Tashkent University of Information Technologies and its branches, who have demonstrated the theoretical and practical aspects of their knowledge in their specialties by expressing themselves fluently in English.

  Senior teacher of the Department of Foreign Languages ​​Nargiza Sharofutdinovna Nasirova in cooperation with her students annually wins prizes by participating  in the Francophone competition organized by France Embassy of Uzbekistan. Language and Education Attaché V.William thanked for the authority of TUIT and Senior teacher ​​N.Sh.Nosirova for the participation of her students.

  Senior teachers  Zohidova Guzal Elbekovna (2014) and Ibragimova Nayira Anvarovna (2016) won the republican competition named "The Best English Teacher" and in August 2016, Ibragimova Nayira Anvarovna  was able to go to the UK for a 2 week training course. In 2017, Sharipova Aziza Abdumanapovna won the Republican competition "The Best Teacher". 15 members of the department are conducting scientific research as independent researchers.

   On March 9-10, 2021, there were held a Republican scientific-practical conference on the topic "The Role of Multimedia Technologies in Teaching Foreign Languages." This scientific-practical conference included the following issues: The state and prospects of the introduction of multimedia technologies in foreign language teaching; The role of multimedia technologies in improving the quality of the educational process in pandemic period; Modern approaches in the formation of intercultural communication competencies of students of non-philological education; Innovative methods and tools of developing foreign language skills of students with variety disabilities.

    The department held numerous seminars and discussions in order to work with gifted students. There was also an interdepartmental debate and the winners were awarded.

   Teachers are constantly researching to improve their skills. In the first half of the current academic year, 23 professors and teachers of the department received C1 certificates of English language proficiency.

Following subjects are taught at the department:


  • English
  • German
  • French

Teachers’ staff

  • Sharipova Aziza Abdumanapovna, Head of the Department,  PhD, associate professor, C1(CEFR)
  • Shakhakimova Mavluda Tashpulatovna, associate professor, C1 (APTIS)
  • Safarova Fatima Isamiddinovna, associate professor, C1 (TKT)
  • Barnoyeva Nilufar Yakubovna, senior teacher C1 (APTIS)
  • Nasirova Nargiza Sharafiddinovna, senior teacher C1 (CEFR)
  • Ibragimova Nayira Anvarovna, PhD, associate professor, C1(CEFR)
  • Ibragimova Shakhnoza Turgunovna, senior teacher C1 (CEFR)
  • Abduvakhobova Dilnoza Nurmakhamatovna, PhD, associate professor, C1(CEFR)
  • Atashikova Nilufar Anarmatovna, senior teacher C1 (CEFR)
  • Nigmatova Khilola Abrarovna, senior teacher C1 (TKT)
  • Salakhova Elza Zagirovna, senior teacher C1 (CEFR)
  • Razzakova Gulchekhra Rustamovna, senior teacher C1 (TKT)
  • Nishanova Nozima Makhmudovna, teacher
  • Kadirova Feruza Khikmatullaevna, senior teacher C1 (APTIS)
  • Khakimova Laziza Yusupovna, senior teacher C1 (APTIS)
  • Diyora Abduvakhidovna Karimova, teacher C1 (APTIS)
  • Abulkasimova Yulduz Sunnatullaevna, teacher C1 (APTIS)
  • Alimukhamedova Khabiba Rustamovna, teacher C1 (APTIS)
  • Abdieva Saida Irisovna, senior teacher C1 (CEFR)
  • Saidvalieva Dilafruz Rustamovna, teacher C1 (APTIS)
  • Umarkhodjaeva Khilola Sirodjitdinovna, teacher C1 (CEFR)
  • Mukhitdinova Munira Ravshanovna, PhD, associate professor C1 (Lingvo skill)
  • Shukurova Zilola Fazlitdinovna, teacher C1 (APTIS)
  • Sadokat Alimbaevna Abdirazzokova, teacher C1 (CEFR)
  • Rakhmonova Gulkhayo Khalilovna, teacher C1 (APTIS)
  • Mavlonova Mavlyuda Dovurovna, senior teacher C1 (TESOL)
  • Radjabova Dilnoza Anvarovna, teacher C1 (IELTS)
  • Daniyarova Sitora Kulmatovna, teacher
  • Saidalieva Gavkhar Avazovna, PhD, associate professor, C1 (APTIS)
  • Makhametova Dilnavoz Botirovna, senior teacher C1 (APTIS)
  • Djalilova Nilufar Dilshodovna, teacher C1 (APTIS)
  • Lutfullaeva Hulkarhon Asatullaevna, senior teacher C1 (APTIS)
  • Avezova Dildora Davlatovna, senior teacher, C1 (IELTS)
  • Sultanova Khilola Djamolutdinovna, associate professor C1 (TESOL)
  • Suleimanova Galina Nikolaevna, associate professor
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