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Head of Department

Abdurakhmanova Yulduz Muxtarxodjaevna

Phone: (0 371) 238-64-52

Department "algorithms and mathematical modeling" of the Tashkent University of Information Technologies, organized by the decision of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On measures to improve the system of training in the field of information technology" number PC-1942 of 26 March 2013 and the Cabinet of Ministers "On improvement of the organized structure of the Tashkent University Information Technology and its affiliates "№ 188 dated June 28, 2013 order of the rector of the University of Inormation Technology №905 from 29 August 2013. The head of department Associate professor Abdurahmanova Yulduz.

Pride department: Faraday Basyrovich Abutaliev- Academician of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor. Honored Scientist of the Republic of Uzbekistan. (25.03.1932-27.08.2012). Department " Algorithmization and mathematical modeling" based on the basis of the order of the rector of the Tashkent University of Information Technologies №905 from 08.29.2013, at the purpose of in-depth study of mathematical objects with practical application. At the beginning idea of organizing the department " Algorithmization and mathematical modeling" by Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Professor Abutaliev, who worked as head of the department "Higher Mathematics" in the years 2003-2012.

Subjects are taught at the department:


  • Mathematics II
  • Numerical Methods and Programming
  • Basics of modeling and designing systems

The faculty of the department:

  • Abdurakhmanova Yulduz Muxtarxodjaevna - Head of Department, Associate Professor
  • Mirzaev Anvar Nazirovich -Associate Professor
  • Raximov Davran Ganiyevich -Professor
  • Qalandarov O‘tkir Nomozovich -Associate Professor
  • Mustapaqulov Yazdonqul Ummatqulovich -Senior Lecturer
  • Rakhimova Feruza Saidovna -Senior Lecturer
  • Payzieva Munira Toirovna -Assistant Teacher
  • Aliqulov Yolqin Qodirovich -Senior Lecturer
  • Ashurov Aziz Olimjonovich -Assistant Teacher
  • Asadov Quvonchbek Urinovich -Assistant Teacher
  • Begimov O‘ktam Ibragimovich -Assistant Teacher
  • Usmonov Alisher Xabibulla o‘g‘li - Assistant Teacher
  • Sobirov Karimjon Kobiljonovich - Assistant Teacher
  • Kabulov Anvar Vasilovich - Professor (External part-time)
  • Abduganiyev Abduvali Abdulxayovich - Associate Professor (External part-time)
  • Mamadaliyev Husniddin Abdujalilovich - Senior Lecturer (External part-time)
  • Narmonov Otabek Abdugapparovich - Assistant Teacher (External part-time)

Leading scientific work at the department:

  • Mathematical and statistical methods in the analysis of the processes occurring in the natural and technological systems. (self-study) - all teachers.
  • The use of modern information technologies in teaching subjects. (self-study) - all teachers.

Scientific-methodical work of the department:

  • A. Mirzaev, Abdurakhmanov Y.M. - A manual on the subject of "Numerical Methods and Programming"
  • Abduvaitov H.A., Qalandarov O’.N. – "Problems in Discrete Mathematics, Math. logic and graphs.
  • Toshpolatov M.A. Mamaraupov O.A. – Methodical manual for the implementation of independent work on the subject "Fundamentals of modeling and designing systems"
  • Asadov Q.U. – Study guide on the subject of "Numerical Methods and Programming" (in English).
  • Mustapakulov YA.U – Methodical manual for the subject "Introduction to algorithmization."
  • Sadatdinova S.S.A manual on the subject of "Numerical Methods and Programming" (Uzbek)
  • Rakhimova F.S. Abdurakhmanov Y.M. – Study guide on the subject of "Special chapters of higher mathematics".
  • Mirzaev A.N. – Methodical manual on the subject of "Special chapters of higher mathematics".

In a circle of talented students in mathematics, The terms of graduate students and the analysis of their dissertations

In the scientific seminar of the Department, The meeting of the Department

Mirzayev Anvar Nazirovich – Dotsent (Scientific seminar)