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Head of department:

Savriddinov Akbarali Abrorovich

Reception hours: Tuesday - Thursday (14:00-16:00)
Telephone: (+99871) 238-64-56

About the Department of Labor Resources and Civil Protection

Division of labor protection and civil protection supervises the creation of safe and healthy working conditions at the University, the implementation of events in this field, observance of the current legislation instructions, rules and norms of labor protection and civil protection, industrial sanitary, fire protection and preservation of the environment. Organizes verifications of the technical condition of equipment, safety and security devices, work on the sanitary-technical condition of laboratories. Develops events for creating safe working and rest conditions.

Provides implementation of introductory and repeated briefings for university employees.

Composes the cost estimates for activities related to labor protection and civil protection, requests for special clothing and other personal protective equipment.

Supervises compliance of the rules of safety engineering and industrial sanitation, charts of air measurement, fulfillment of state supervision authorities prescriptions over the observance of the current norms and standards of labor safety.

Participates in the investigation, analysis of the causes of industrial injuries, diseases. Develops events to prevent and eliminate them. Promotes measures of the labor protection and civil protection of industrial sanitation, through interviews, installation of stands.

Prepares the plan of the event of the fire safety ensuring.

  • Impregnation of attics
  • Installation of fire alarms
  • Purchasing of fire inventory
  • Preparing of the evacuation plan
  • Recharging of old fire extinguishers
  • Taking out the garbage from the territory of the university on time
  • Prohibition of the usage of electrical appliances
  • Checking condition of electrical wiring, sockets, switches, fuses and junction boxes.
  • Replacing of temporary wiring with a permanent one
  • Organization a fire brigade
  • Assignment of responsible persons in laboratories, offices, dormitories, garage and warehouse
  • Posting the signs forbidding smoking
  • Preventing of smoking in the academic building and hostel
  • Monitoring the conduct of a safety journal for students in laboratory work
  • Providing briefings for students of groups on the move
  • Evacuate employees according to the existing plan in case of an earthquake or fire.