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Head of Department:

t.f.d. Kerimov Kamil Fikratovich

Visiting days: Monday-Friday (14:00-16:00)
Phone: (0 371)238-65-70

The Department "System and application programming" at the Tashkent University of information technologies was founded in August 2013 on the basis of the decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan from March 26, 2013 №PP-1942 "About measures on further improvement of staff training system in the field of information and communication technologies", as well as the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan from June 28, 2013 to No. 188 "About the improvement of the organizational structure of the Tashkent University of information technologies and its regional branches" and the order of the rector of the Tashkent University of information technologies from August 29, 2013 №905.

Address of the department: "B" block, 5 - floor, 519 - room



Direction and specialty of graduates of the Department:

5330200 – Information technology (by industry);
5330600 – Software engineering

The list of subjects of the department:


  • Data structure
  • System programming
  • Software modeling and design
  • Development of web applications
  • System analysis and requirements
  • Development of methodology and practice
  • Software Economics


  • Personal and Team Software Process

The Department

  • Kerimov K.F., - Assistant professor
  • Latipova N. X., Assistant professor
  • Marisheva L.T., Assistant professor
  • Akbarova M. X., Assistant professor
  • Raxmanov A.T., Assistant professor
  • Tashpolatova N.B., Assistant professor
  • Muhsinov. Sh. Sh., senior lecturer
  • Isxakova N. P., senior lecturer
  • Ganixodjayeva D.Z., senior lecturer
  • Umarov U.U., assistant
  • Xojiyeva N.J., assistant
  • Muminov S.S., assistant
  • Sherbekova F.A., assistant
  • Buriyev Yu., assistant
  • Shoraimov X., assistant
  • Ergashev S.B., assistant
  • Atadjanova Ch.R. assistant
  • Begimov O.M., assistant

Information on state and foreign grants carried out in the Department (fundamental, applied and innovative projects)

  • Name of project: "Development of methods and software protection from threats of information security of state Internet resources based on data mining". (2016-2018).

Scientific-methodical work of the department:

  • Kerimov KF, Mukhsinov Sh.Sh., Kamalov Sh.K., "Program Engineering". Tutorial
  • Latipova N.Kh., Yusupova Z.J., Mukhsinov Sh.Sh., "System programming". Tutorial
  • Latipova N.Kh., Yusupova Z.J., Mukhsinov Sh.Sh., "Data structures". Tutorial
  • Akbarova M.KH., Rakhmanov AT, Kerimov KF, "Fundamentals of MATLAB". Tutorial
  • Kerimov KF, Kamalov Sh.K., Mukhsinov Sh.Sh., Siddikova N.P. "Development of Web applications." Tutorial

Scientific and applied cooperation of the department

  • Center of development and introduction computer and information technologies UzInfocom
  • BePro Training Center
  • Scientific and Innovation Center of ICT