Hardware and Software of Management Systems in Telecommunication

The head of the department:

Dosent Parsiyev Saydiaxad Solixodjaevich

Office hours: Monday-Friday (14:00-16:00)
Phone: (0 371) 238-64-48
E-mail: -

In the meeting of Tashkent University of Information Technologies on 30 June, 2016, the department of “Optic fiber lines and measurement systems” changed to “Hardware and Software of Management Systems in Telecommunications”.

In line with the protocol No. 10 (660) and the order No. 834 of the university as of 5 July, 2016, the department of “Hardware and Software of Management Systems in Telecommunications” was founded.

Currently, on basis of curriculum and syllabus of baccalaureate and master, the total amount of time allocated to the department is 22.716 hours, the staff unit is 22,25.

The list of subject taught in the department:


  • Telecommunication Network Management Foundation
  • Microprocessors
  • The structure of programming in Telecommunications
  • Operating systems in Telecommunications
  • Basics of Network Programming
  • Embedded Systems and its Software
  • Control systems
  • Digital technology and microprocessors (for students of special faculty)
  • Communication lines (for students of special faculty)


  • Advanced Embedded Systems
  • Network Software Design

Professors of the department:

  • Parsiev S. S. – head of the department
  • Abduraxmanov R. P.- Docent
  • Abbasxonova X. – Senior lecturer
  • Djuraev O. N. – Senior lecturer
  • Elov J. B. – Senior lecturer
  • Zarmasov E.- Assistant Professor
  • Maxmudov Sh.Sh.- Assistant Professor
  • Abdullaev U. M. - Assistant Professor
  • Akmuradov B. U. - Assistant Professor
  • Abdalimov M. N. - Assistant Professor
  • Abdullaev A. I. - Assistant Professor
  • Xaitov A. - Assistant Professor
  • Mirzaeva M. B. - Assistant Professor
  • Abduxalilov B.- Assistant Professor
    With the purpose of organising lessons effectively, conducting practice and laboratory lessons according the timetable, the following rooms are dedicated:

    • 10A – room for laboratory and practice lessons.
    • 12A - room for laboratory and practice lessons.
    • 14A - room for laboratory and practice lessons.
    • 32A – room for laboratory lesson of “Communication lines”.
    • 108 A- Lecture room.
    • 109A- Lecture room.
    • 222A - Lecture room.
    • 111A – “CISCO” study room.