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Artificial (computer) intelligence is one of the most promising areas in computer science and computer engineering. Work in the field of artificial intelligence is aimed at creating methods, tools and technologies for designing computer systems (training, expert, consulting, robotic, etc.) to solve problems traditionally considered intellectual.

Unlike ordinary programmers involved in the development of well-defined software products, artificial intelligence specialists are also able to formulate these specifications, which is one of the most important tasks in the design of any software product.

What do you learn

The areas of information technology are being studied:
• programming, algorithmic and object-oriented programming languages, CASE-technologies;
• intellectual programming;
• technologies and tools for designing intelligent systems;
• Databases, knowledge bases and database management systems;
• speech interface, computer linguistics and computer graphics;
• computer networks and web programming;
• information security in computer systems;
• applied geographic information systems.
A graduate of the specialty "Artificial Intelligence" can work in enterprises and organizations producing and operating computer facilities, computer systems and networks, software; in design, research and educational organizations.

Qualification - systems engineer.