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For training foreign citizens in TUIT

For admission to TUIT, foreign applicants need to:

Collect a set of documents and hand over to the selection committee (the selection committee is open from June 15 to July 15 inclusive):

The original education certificate (diploma or certificate) with the application and notarized translations into Uzbek or Russian (if the documents are not in Uzbek or Russian);

Medical conclusion on health status - reference form 086. A medical report must be submitted no later than 3 months.

Certificate of HIV testing with a translation into Uzbek or Russian (if the document is not in Uzbek or Russian). Medical certificate must be submitted no later than 3 months.

Copy of passport valid for the period of study.

6 photos 3,5х4,5

It is necessary to arrive in the Republic of Uzbekistan during the period of the interviews (specified in the selection committee during the delivery of documents);