Graduates of the faculty

I studied in the master’s degree of this faculty. With the help of knowledge gained during two years and the proficient teachers’ advice, I managed to expand my horizon widely. Now, this rich experience is helping to continue my career successfully. As a graduator of this faculty, I send my great wishes to it and I believe it can be the best in the University.

Saydulla Alimov Rakhmatullayevich
The Ministry of Development Information Technologies 
and Communications of Republic Uzbekistan
The head department of Electronic Government Systems
and Information Technology Development 
of Tashkent Regional Territorial Administration

My father and brothers always advised me to study exact subjects as they were interested in this field and did some scientific projects there. In my childhood, as I was keen on TV world I saw my future carrier in this field. When I was 17 years old , I was very excited about the foundation of the new faculty, “Television Technologies”,  in Tashkent University of Information Technologies in 2009. Because it was a very good chance for me to use my mathematical and physical knowledge to become the student by passing exams. Furthermore, it was a following step to make my dreams come true in my favourite TV field. In 2011, I passed the entrance exams well and became one of the students in the faculty of Television Technologies. Practices and lectures given by the professional teachers, modern teaching methods and magnificent campus made me got interested in the field further. Although I did not win the scholarship, I won some educational grants and obtained the opportunity to study with a privilege. With the supports of professors, teachers, leaders and staffs of the faculty, I participated in some contests and achieved high results. When I was the second-year student of this faculty, I had also some achievements in the practices held by Republic TV channels. I started my initial  career firstly to be a reporter and an editor but then the chief member of the editorship in Media technologies. I am always proud of my university and faculty. I congratulate this faculty very deeply on turning to 10 years old and I always respect and cherish its staff, teachers and professors as a cause of my great career.

Parviz Fattoev
The editor and journalist of the Channel , ”Sevimli”.

I remember the time when I was accepted to this faculty, it was newly founded and its staffs were starting their career recently. However, I was sure that this faculty was able to bring very talented students up and hold this magnificent pace for a long time. I wish lots of achievements and successes to this faculty.

Tukhtayev Sokhib Sadiridinovich

The research engineer of DTS company
in South Korea in the field “Deep Learning”

I think that people should choose the right way in order to achieve their targets. Because, one day this can be very successful as they have a strict opinion and choice. So, I can say that I am one of the people who followed that way. In 2013, I applied my documents for Tashkent University of Information Technologies that is very prestigious according to lots of student’s outlooks. Fortunately, I coped with it and became the student of this university. I chose the faculty of Television Technologies and during 4 years I was taught by professional teachers and some professors. From that time, I started to get interested in TV field and while we were in classes, it was nearly impossible to neglect all lessons as they were very interesting and useful. I started get a bit sad about my graduation when I was the fourth-year student as I was bound to this university with my heart. Maybe, this 4-year period could be very short and meaningless but for me, it was the great moments of my life. Finally, in 2017 I graduated the university and stepped to start my career in my favourite field, TV. Great experience enriched in this university is a pillar to my work and career. With the given moment and attention, I congratulate my faculty on turning to 10 years old and I wish all good things and great achievements to its future.

Uchqun Nomozov
The journalist of the Channel, “ Sevimli ”.