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Head of the department:

Gulomov Sherzod Rajaboyevich

Reception time: Monday-Thursday(14:00-16:00)
Telefon: (0 371) 238-65-25

In September 2006, under the leadership of Professor M.M. Karimov, in order to train highly qualified personnel in the direction of bachelors and Master’s programs “Information Security” was created the Department of "Information Security" at Tashkent University of Information Technologies.

In the formation and development of educational-methodical and research work at the department professor Ganiev S.K., professor Karimov M.M., PhD, Associate Professor Ganiev A.A., Ph.D., Associate Professor Yusupov S.Yu., Ph.D., Associate Professor. Tashev K.A., Professor, D.Sc. Irgasheva D.Ya., senior teacher Abdullaev D.G. made a significant contribution.

Until 2010, the department was headed by Professor M.M. Karimov; 2010-2013, Ph.D, Associate Professor Yusupov S.Y; 2013-2016 Professor, D.Sc
D.Ya.Irgasheva; 2016-2021, Ph.D, Associate Professor A.A. Ganiev.

 For many years, teachers of the department have been teaching master's students all major subjects such as "Information Theory and Coding", "Business Continuity and Emergency Recovery", "Scientific Research Methodology", "Information Intelligence Protection Systems", "Computer Forensics", for undergraduate students "Information Security", “Fundamentals of Cyber ​​Security”, “Cyber ​​Law and Cyber ​​Ethics”, “Introduction to Information Security Risk Management”, “Cyber ​​Security Policy”, “Organizational and Technical Methods of Information Protection”, “Information Theory and Coding”, “Cloud Computing Security”, “Hardware and Software for Information Protection”, “Malware”, “Cyber ​​Security Engineering”, “Network Security”, “Information System Auditing”, “Incidents attack and Response”, “Web Application Security”, “Computer Systems and Information Security in Networks”, “Methods of Cryptography”, “Information Security in Wireless Networks”, “Cryptographic Protocols”.

A number of books of lectures, teaching aids were published by professors and teachers at the department, including in 2021 Gulomov Sh.R., Nasrullaev N.B., Shirinov L., Sayfullev Sh.B. published the book "Audit of information systems" in the Latin alphabet, methodological recommendations "Audit of information systems" by Ganiev A.A., Azizova Z.I.

In addition, Ganiev S.K., Karimov M.M., Tashev K.A. released a book on “Information security” for university students, Ganiev S.K., Gulomov Sh.R., Kuchkarov T.A., Shamshieva B.M. on the subject "Information in computer systems and networks" methodical instructions for conducting laboratory classes, as well as, Tashev K.A., Irgasheva D.Y., Nasrullaev N.B. on the subject "Cryptographic protocols" methodical instructions for conducting practical classes were published.

The department has invested 100 million sums from 2020, including practical and fundamental projects funded by international organizations. UZS BVF4-023 “Study of problems of incident and cyber-attack management in distributed information and communication systems” fundamental project. A group of senior researchers and independent researchers of the department are preparing doctoral dissertations on topics related to this research work (Ph.D).

Currently, Fayziyeva D.S., Bekmirzayev O.N., Imomaliyev O.T., Yuldasheva N.S., Kadirov Z.Z. are scientific workers, in addition Haydarov E., Shamshieva B.M., Azizova Z.I. are independent researchers as Ph.D research works. In addition, as independent researchers, Gulomov Sh.R., Nasrullaev N.B. (Doctor of Science) conducts research work on doctoral dissertations.

According to the Resolution of the Council of the Tashkent University of Information Technologies dated August 29, 2016 No 1 (661) on the basis of the Department of "Information Security" of the faculty of "Computer Engineering" was established a new faculty and the Department of "Providing Information Security".


Direction of education: 5330300 - Information security (by industry)

Direction of education: 60610300 - Information security (by industry)


Specialty: 5А330302 - Information security

Specialty: 70610302- Information security



  • Basics of Cybersecurity
  • Introduction to Information Security Risk Management
  • Network security
  • Threat intelligence technology
  • Open-source operating system security


  • Computer forensics
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Application of intelligent tools to protect information
  • Machine learning in cybersecurity
  • Information Theory and Coding
  • Methodology of scientific research


  1. Gulomov Sherzod Rajaboevich - D., Head of the Department, Associate professor;
  2. Ganiev Salim Karimovich - Sc. professor
  3. Kuhkarov Tokhir Anvarovich - D., Associate professor
  4. Ganiev Abdukhalil Abdujalilovich - D., Associate professor
  5. Samarov Khusniddin Kamardinovich - D., Associate professor
  6. Shamshieva Barno Makhmudjonovna - Senior Teacher
  7. Azizova Zarina Ildarovna - Senior Teacher
  8. Fayzieva Dilsora Salimovna - Senior Teacher
  9. Sayfullaev Sherzod Bakhtiyor Ugli - Assistant
  10. Usmanbaev Doniyor Shukhratovich - Assistant
  11. Khaidarov Elshod Dilshod Ugli - Assistant
  12. Shirinov Bobir Botir Ugli - Assistant
  13. Shukurov Orzukul Pardaevich - Trainee Teacher


  1. Gulomov Sherzod Rajaboevich D., Associate professor
  2. Ganiev Abdukhalil Abdujalilovich D., Associate professor
  3. Botirov Fayzullajon Bakhtiyorovich D., Associate professor
  4. Zokirov Odiljon Yokubjon ugli D., Associate professor
  5. Abdullaev Dilmurod Gulomovich Senior Teacher
  6. Bemirzaev Obidjon Nuralievich Senior Teacher
  7. Karimov Madjit Malikovich Sc. professor
  8. Sagatov Miraziz Vorisovich Sc. professor
  9. Kadirov Mir-Khusan Mirulatovich D., Associate professor
  10. Turapov Sherzod Nurmatovich D., Associate professor
  11. Shirinov Laziz Tohirovich Assistant
  12. Ким Кристина Ruslanovna Trainee Teacher

Currently, the department has 3 professor, 8 Associate professors, 5 senior teachers, 5 assistants, 2 teachers-trainees. Professors and teachers of the department have prepared working programs and texts of lectures on 11 subjects taught at the department.


  • Central Asia University Partnerships Program_UniCEN “Accreditation, Assessment, and Improving Student Outcomes” _USA (2020-2021).
  • ERASMUS+ programme: project “Developing services for Individuals with Disabilities”(DECIDE)-598661-EPP-1-2018-1-RO-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP (2019-2022).
  • ERASMUS+ programme: project “Modernization of Higher Education in Central Asia through New Technologies”(HiEdTech)-598092-EPP-1-2018-1-BG-EPPKA2-CBHE-SP (2019-2022).
  • BVF4-023 “Research of problems of management of incidents and cyber attacks in distributed information and communication systems.” (2017-2020).
  • №A5-063 " Development of a complex method of inter-screen shielding and monitoring in information and communication systems” (2015-2017).
  • №A5-061 "Improving the security of the E-government system based on effective technology of unified identification” (2015-2017).


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  • USA (Kent state university)
  • USA (Idaho State University)
  • Japan (Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology)
  • South Korea universities (KAIST, INHA)
  • Germany (Dresden Technical University)
  • Romania (Transylvania University of Brasov)
  • Russia's leading universities


  • Joint stock company "Uzbektelecom"
  • State unitary company "UNICON.UZ"
  • LLC Mobilline
  • State unitary enterprise "Cybersecurity Center"
  • UzInfocom
  • State customs committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan
  • Spanish company “CYBERGAMP”
  • Italian Company “Sababa Security”
  • SOFTPROM Distribution GmbH
  • American company Entrust