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Head of the centre

Muxammedova Malika Akilovna

Reception time: Tuesday-Friday (14:00-16:00)

Telefon: (+99871) 238-64-70

Information Resource Center - IRC (until 2007 - University Library) was created in 1955. The IRC fund consisted of several hundred books on social, physical, mathematical and chemical sciences sent by the Moscow, Leningrad and Odessa Institutes of Electrical Communications. In the same year, purchases of literature began in bookstores in Tashkent. As of January 1, 1956, the library collection consisted of 4,395 copies of books. It served 15 teachers and 153 students. Currently, the IRC serves 6,800 readers and users of electronic resources with a single reader’s ID. Among the readers are university students, professors and teachers, employees, students and teachers of other higher educational institutions, as well as doctoral students, students of advanced training courses, employees of enterprises in the field of telecommunications. Thanks to the subscription system, the IRC creates a wide range of opportunities to use books at home and in reading rooms. The IRC Fund consists of traditional, that is, paper media and electronic data.

Today the library's collection amounts to 329,776 thousand items. 67% of the fund is educational literature, 26% is scientific, 5% is fiction, the rest is other literature. During the year, the library receives more than 6,000 books.

     The IRC has more than 30,000 electronic resources posted on the website , with information on the platform , as well as information in the system .


The general fund of the IRC consists of 329,776 copies in 46,720 titles, of which:

  • scientific literature 26767 titles/111442 copies;
  • textbooks 1649 titles/41476 copies;
  • teaching aids 5153 titles/151035 copies;
  • fiction – 11693 titles/18094 copies.

7597 titles/90028 copies. in the state language.


Electronic document collection 34289, of them:

  • 4849 - electronic textbooks,
  • 8250 - electronic textbooks,
  • 20360 - electronic scientific literature,
  • 830 - fiction.