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Head of the department of maintenance of plumbing systems, heating systems and water supply:

Samatov Oybek Khamzaevich

Reception hours:Monday–Friday (8:30–18:00)

Phone: (+99871) 238-64-61

The department carries out the following activities:

  • ensuring the good condition, trouble-free and reliable operation of the serviced central heating, water supply, sewerage and wastewater systems, their proper operation and timely high-quality repairs;
  • identifying the causes of premature aging of serviced systems, taking measures to prevent and eliminate them.
  • troubleshooting, repair, installation, adjustment and testing of systems, in particular:
  • dismantling, repair and installation of complex parts and units of sanitary systems of central heating, water supply, sewerage and drainage;
  • sorting of pipes, fittings and fasteners;
  • filling the space with couplings and fasteners, bolts and internal screws;
    • drilling or opening holes in structures;
  • installation and sealing of fastenings of pipes and devices;
  • filling pipes and fittings for elevators;
  • connection of pipes, heating panels, plumbing cabins and blocks;
  • fastening of parts and devices;
  • designation of tool installation locations;
  • identification of defective areas during pipeline testing.
  • participation in the preparation of requests for materials, spare parts, tools and ensuring their economical and rational use.
  • preparing repaired systems for operation.