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Head of Security Department:

Karimov Umidjon Usmonjon ogli

Phone: (+99871) 238-65-17

The department carries out the following activities:

  • honest and conscientious performance of professional duties, compliance with labor and production discipline;
  • ensuring guards at the entrances and exits of assigned buildings (territories);
  • being at the workplace in official uniform;
  • checking the identity documents of employees, students and other visitors upon entry and exit (identity cards, certificates, invoices and waybills, etc.);
  • ensuring the entry and exit of vehicles in accordance with the approved list and monitoring the placement of vehicles in the designated parking lot;
  • do not allow vehicles to be near buildings;
  • preventing the presence of unauthorized persons and leaving foreign objects on the territory of the university, drawing up a protocol on the behavior of persons who violated the established rules, and submitting it to the head of the security service;
  • preventing the entry into the university territory of: explosives, flammable liquids, narcotic drugs, alcoholic beverages and psychotropic substances, toxic substances and liquids, electroshock devices, bladed weapons, compressed and liquefied gas, as well as those items that can disrupt the operation of the computer network and surveillance cameras, technical devices and other dangerous substances and objects that can cause harm to the life and health of workers and students, and cause material damage;
  • when accepting a shift, together with the security guard, check the security facility, locks, seals, alarm devices, telephones, fire equipment;
  • informing the head and employees of internal affairs bodies about broken doors, walls and locks, lack of seals and seals, malfunction of the alarm system and not allowing unauthorized persons into the facility until they arrive;
  • in the event of a fire at the facility, notify fire safety officers and internal affairs bodies and take fire-fighting measures;
  • entry in the journal about the reception and delivery of a shift;
  • if there is no shift, notify the security service and do not leave the workplace until another employee is appointed;
  • in case of rotation, continue to work at the newly assigned workplace and perform the assigned tasks by the head of the security service;
  • control over the import and export of materials, equipment and technical means from the building, as well as preventing their removal without the appropriate documentation.