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Choosing a specialty "Information Technology Software", you are rushing along the fascinating path of continuous professional growth and self-improvement. A specialist with the qualification of “software engineer” owns a wide range of tools and software development technologies, which are highly demanded by the here and now industry. Training of universal developers takes place on the basis of joint laboratories equipped with modern equipment and software, both on the premises of the department and on the basis of the department's branch in the High-Tech Park.
In the educational process, the project approach is widely used.

What do you learn?

In joint laboratories, under the guidance of renowned scientists and existing specialists from leading IT companies, students master the theoretical foundations and gain practical experience using:
• programming languages (C, C ++, C #, F #, Java, Python, Ruby, etc.);
• software development and testing technologies;
• software platforms (.NET, Java, etc.);
• web-technologies (PHP, HTML5, CSS, XML, JavaScript, J2EE, ASP.NET, etc.);
• Mobile technologies (Objective C, Swift, Unity 3d, Fabric, Realm);
• DBMS (Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL Server, etc.).
Graduates of the specialty POIT find prestigious, highly paid and interesting jobs both in large software development firms and in small, dynamically developing companies. It is not scary to start your own successful business with a diploma in POIT, conquering new heights of the IT industry.

Qualification - Software Engineer