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Mobile Systems” is a specialty that teaches programming the hardware of mobile devices and developing software for embedded mobile systems based on Android, iOS, Linux, FreeRTOS, eCOS, WindowsPhone.
Classes are held on the basis of the Android Software Center, an international educational and research center, created jointly with FORTE Knowledge of the Illinois Technology Association (ITA) with the involvement of IT specialists from the USA.
Students can use the technology of the Educational and Research Laboratory “Embedded Mobile Systems”, created by a partner of such well-known companies as “Analog Devices”, “Texas Instruments” and “ST Microelectronics”.

What do you learn

Students will gain knowledge on:
- the basics of algorithmization and programming;
- methods of structural and functional organization of hardware and software systems;
- the functioning of digital and microprocessor devices;
- programming languages ​​of embedded microprocessor systems;
- architecture of microcontrollers and their programming for mobile electronic systems and complexes;
- methods for predicting the reliability of hardware and software of mobile electronic systems.
The development of mobile devices and technologies, as well as software supported by these devices, is an independent IT industry. The industry needs hundreds of thousands of skilled workers, with salaries tens of times higher than the average salary.

Qualification - Electronic Systems Engineer