Free online courses from the University of California

⚡️🗣Free online courses from the University of California

Berkeley offers a series of online courses from top educators and professors to help you boost your CV. We have collected the most interesting ones in this collection.

📝Business Writing Course

One of the best business English courses you can find on the internet. Perfect for those who conduct written communication with universities or apply for internships and vacancies abroad. Particular attention is paid to the format, composition and clarity of presentation.

🟢More ( 📝Startup course from Silicon Valley experts

This is a guide to entrepreneurship from Silicon Valley insiders. Entrepreneurs and investors from YouTube, Khan Academy, Rotten Tomatoes, Chegg, Andreessen Horowitz, Bain Capital, etc. share concepts and experiences throughout the launch and running of startups.

🟢More ( 📝Introduction to Agile

This course introduces ideas and methods for designing, developing, and modifying large software systems using Agile methods.

🟢More (————————————————————————-
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