According to the decree of the president of the republic of Uzbekistan on July 24, 2012  PD-4456  " Training of highly qualified scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel and further improvement of the system of certification”  The priorities of the national programme for training personnel  and  taking into account ongoing economic and democratic reforms in the country, the advanced world experience and international standards of certification of scientific researchers, radical reform of  further higher education system  as well as  , to increase  scientific and practical importance of  dissertation research,in order to  create the conditions to show  the youth’s creative and intellectual potential  Higher attestation commission under the cabinet of ministers of the republic of Uzbekistan , the Academy of Sciences of higher and secondary specialized education under the Ministry of Higher education and   higher education and research institutions within other ministries and departments that are available starting from the 1 st January of 2013:

  • to establish one stage system for the protection of dissertation and  giving the scientific level  of doctor of science in accordance with generally accepted international standards;
  • to cancel  intern-researcher institute , in which individuals who receive higher education from the educational institution to the next, according to the new  requirements of the system of education, certification of individuals who are studying there and transform them to the Institute of Senior Researchers.


  • A scientific degree of doctor of science is given by  scientific councils that provide a scientific degree of Doctor of Science  to a person with a master’s degree, according the results of scientific researches in scientific disciplines, as a result of scientific researches at the Institute of Senior Researchers;

To the Institute of Senior Researchers individuals possessing Masters Degree, with scientific-pedagogical activity experience (not less than 2 years), as well as, individuals  with doctor of science degree, the dissertation research for the degree of doctor of science can be the basis of a certain scientific results (publication of scientific articles, scientific conferences, seminars and participate in round tables and others) are accepted;

The following:

  • In accordance with the law appropriate  for all individuals with scientific degree of candidate of sciences the amount of financial payments are set out in the current legislation;
  • Preservation of academic titles of professors, associate professors and senior researchers.
  • The cabinet of ministers of the republic of uzbekistan "from the educational institution to the next, higher, higher education, and qualified scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel measures for further improvement of the system of certification”, December 28, 2012 365 appendix 2 of the higher educational institution in accordance with dated from home until next year, which continues in the form of reading the following is carried out:
  • senior researcher-institute, researchers;
  • independent researchers.

According to the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan from December 28, 2012 of No. 365 "About measures for further enhancement of the system of certification of postgraduate education and highly qualified scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel" the duration of the postgraduate study in the following years is as follows:

  • Senior Researcher-Research Institute;
  • Independent search.

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