Physical Education

The Head of the Department:

p.f.d(DsC). Erdonov Orif Latipovich

Reception hours: Everyday from 15:00 till 17:00

Phone number: (+99871) 238-64-71

Basis of the Department "Physical Education" was founded in 1955. Aim and objective of creating the Department was the introduction in the educational process of the subject "Physical Culture". This year, for training in physical education and sport was hired Olympian, a veteran of the 1941-1945 war V.G.Fedotov. In those years, classes in physical education and sport, sectional workout with students performed P.I. Donchenko, Z.F. Fedotov, and in subsequent years Yaskov V., A.I. Rohmatov, L.A. Kutyanina, S.A. Khudoshin, G.A. Levin , A.S. Korotin, G.M. Lisnyak K. Kolomna, O. Abdalimov , E.B. Kowalska , T. Intercession , O. Pinenko.

In the years 1970-1980 Head of Department and Senior Lecturer V.G. Fedotov P.I. Donchenko simulators developed in several sports and conducted research on them. Based on these studies have defended their dissertations and received the title of professor. In the years 1981-1991 the department "Physical Education" in charge of one of the founders of great tennis in the Republic of Uzbekistan master grade I.M. Gafitulin.

In 1984 he was promoted to associate professor. In 1991, on a competitive selection process for the position of head of the department was appointed Ph.D., Associate Professor I.A. Koshbahtiev. In 1994 he defended his doctoral thesis, and in 1995 he received the title of professor in 1996 was elected an academician of the Russian Academy of Pedagogical and Social Sciences. Professor I.A. Koshbahtiev in 2000-2002, was invited to the Bulgarian football league teams "Levski" consultant. The team became the champion of Bulgaria and the Republic won a cup.

Worked at the department honored coach of the Republic, Ph.D., Associate Professor V.I. Izaak, senior teachers: Honored youth mentor Uzbekistan B.M. Pokrovsky, V.I. Orlovsky, master of sports E.H. Dechkova.

In 2012, as head of the department was appointed Ph.D., associate professor of O.L. Erdonov. The faculty of the department today is: Ph.D., professor I.A. Koshbahtiev, Ph.D., associate professor O.X Abdialimov, I.V.Babicheva, senior teachers Sh.Kh. Kozhbahteev, E.B. Vasileva assistants , Khalmuratov R.N. Mahmudov V.V

TRAINING COURSES in the faculty

Bachelor's degree:

  • Physical Education (all specification)

Professor teachers of the department

  • Erdonov Orif Latipovich
  • Koshbaxtiyev Ildar Axmedovich
  • Kojbaxtiyev Shamil Xamidovich
  • Vasilyeva Yelena Borisovna
  • Abdialimov Odil Hamidullayevich
  • Halmuradov Ravshan Napasovich
  • Mahmudov Vahidjon Valijonovich
  • Babicheva Irina Vecheslavovna