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Head of the department:

Ph.D. (PhD), associate professor Usmanov Jonibek Turdikulovich

Reception time: seshanba-payshanba (15:00-17:00 gacha)
Telephone: (+99871) 238-64-51

The tasks of the academic activity department are defined as follows:

  • Acquaintance with regulatory documents related to the educational process and their implementation;
  • developing and approving qualification requirements, training plans of educational fields, educational areas and specialties;
  • preparation for the academic year (preparation of the department's study loads, auditoriums, laboratory rooms, computer, multimedia classes);
  • supervising the development of personal work plans of professors and teachers, work plans of the dean's office and departments;
  • development of qualification requirements and curricula of newly established educational areas and specialties;
  • monitor students' knowledge and monitor the performance of the evaluation system;
  • control of traditional or remote teaching of practice and laboratory training;
  • development of a plan for the creation of educational literature by professors-teachers for the academic year;
  • control the processes of preparation of educational literature on new subjects included in the curriculum;
  • development of a professional development plan for professors and teachers;
  • improving the use of modern IT and pedagogical technologies in educational activities;
  • studying the quality of UUMs in all subjects taught for bachelor and master students;
  • introduction of developed foreign experiences into the university educational process;
  • control over the provision of methodological guides to the organization of practices by the departments;
  • to fulfill the presidential decrees, the Cabinet of Ministers' decisions, the orders of the Ministry of Digital Technologies of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Innovation of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the instructions of other higher bodies on the educational process;
  • organization of olympiads in subjects and competitions in specialties;
  • educational and methodological coordination of activities of academic lyceums and technical schools;
  • Formation of State Attestation Commission members for Graduate thesis and Master’s Dissertation work;
  • studying the implementation of work plans of departments and personal work plans of professors and teachers;
  • formation of teaching loads and staff schedules of departments, formation of lesson schedules for the next academic year;
  • registration and organization of documents of students returning to study;
  • organization of all organizational and control work related to the organization of the university educational process;
  • participation in the commissions created to control the educational and methodological work of university departments, deaneries and other units;
  • preparation of draft orders on the organization of the educational process, presenting them to the university management for approval, and delivering them to departments and deans for execution;
  • reviewing and approving work plans of departments, accepting reports on the implementation of these plans;
  • determining the total volume of the annual study load for the university and reviewing the distribution of the study load of the departments prepared by the heads of the department;
  • control the execution of the orders of the rector of the university, decisions of the Council and the Educational and Methodological Council related to the educational process;
  • monitor the provision of methodological documents and literature of the educational process and organize the creation of these methodological documents and literature;
  • Fulfilling the tasks of the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Innovation of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
  • preparation of draft orders and decisions of councils on issues related to the educational process.