Our Youth Future

There must be no people who don’t love children, who don’t respect them, who don’t care about them, and if there are some, they are heartless people. It is definitely my opinion. Because when you look at these owners of small hearts, you want to live like a young man. When you talk to them, you learn from them sincerity, honesty, fearless life, courage. If you notice, there is no fear, deceit or sincerity in children. They are actually our little masters.

In this life, everyone gets what they need. Because only when we do the right things, we can achieve our goals one by one. Sometimes we even have to do unnecessary things, but it’s definitely temporary. Because unnecessary work leads to harm, not victory.

I have started the topic about children, because I witnessed this festive event of Tashkent University of Information Technologies named after Muhammad al-Khwarizmi was held in Turkestan makhalla of Yunusobod district on topic «Let’s unite the youth of New Uzbekistan!" I will never be mistaken in saying that the event "Our Youth Future" under the motto "Our Youth Future" was truly unique.

I wanted to share this mood with you. After all, a person can become a real person only if he can share good things with others. At the initiative of the university, more than 5 clubs have been organized for young people at Barkamol Avlod children’s school, in which the children have been regularly participating and show their talents, achieve good results. It is commendable that the University pays attention to the community and youth, by devoting time and providing practical assistance.

To make the holiday brighter, beloved artists were invited to cheer up the mood of our hospitable people, community activists who came to watch the children’s performances. This, in turn brightened the night. We even danced a little with teachers and kids.

 At the end of the evening, the Rector of the University Sarvar Babakhodjaev encouraged the talented people by awarding them with valuable gifts. This is not the first time the university has hosted an event or supported it, and the work it has been done in partnership with the community is certainly worth describing. We would like to thank the Teachers of the University, who coordinate such events in conjunction with their work, and we hope that they will never tire of your good deeds.

Photograph: Sh. Joldasov

Press Secretary: X.Khasanova