Computer engineering
Design of computer systems                                                                                     Download
Design of application software Download
Mobile communication systems Download
Computer systems in medicine Download
Geoinformation systems and technologies Download
Information and multimedia technologies Download
Artificial intelligence Download
Intelligent information and communication systems Download


Software engineering
Software engineering   Download
Computer science and programming technologies                                                      Download


Cyber Security
Information security   Download
Cryptography and cryptanalysis                                                                         Download


Faculty of Radio and Mobile Communications
Antennas and ultra high frequency devices Download
Mobile communication systems                                                                         Download
Equipment and systems for television, radio and broadcasting                  Download
Satellite communication systems                  Download


Faculty of Economics and Management in the field of ICT
Economics and management in the field of ICT Download
Organization and technology of the postal service                                                    Download
Electronic commerce                Download
Digital economy                   Download


Faculty of Vocational Education in the field of ICT
Electronic libraries and archives                                                                   Download


Faculty of Telecommunication Technologies
Telecommunication engineering                                                                 Download


Faculty of Television Technologies
Computer graphics and design                                                              Download
Cartoon technologies                                                           Download
Video technologies                                                               Download