The Technology of Mail Communication

The head of department:

Otakuzieva Zukhra Maratdaevna, c.e.s.

The time of receipt: Dushanba-Juma (16:00-18:00)
Telephone: (0 371) 238-65-96, 238-64-51


The department "Automation of postal service" was organized in 1999. The great merit of the first head of the department of the senior teacher RG Shegai (from 1999 to 2003) in the organization of the department, in the development of curricula, typical and working programs of disciplines, in providing the necessary educational literature, in creating a computer class of the department. He established good business relations with JSC "Uzbekiston Pochtasi" and its branches on the ground. From 2003 to 2005, the department was headed by Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor N.A. Muminov. Since 2005 - Associate Professor G.I. Ibragimov, who has experience working at the postal service enterprises.

The department is the issuer of Postal Service and Postal Communication Technology in the areas of education. The first issue of the department in the amount of 37 bachelors was held in 2003, and in 2016 the department issued 72 bachelors.

The department conducts classes in the following disciplines in accordance with the curriculum for the preparation of bachelors: the theoretical basis of the postal service, postal communication logistics, postal service technological processes, postal service regulations, postal service information systems, mail processing machines and automatic lines, automation of postal service processes. Organization of production and personnel management, quality management of postal service, formation of managerial abilities.

Since 2008, the department was headed by Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor M.M. Makhmudov. During this period, a lot of work was done to equip the computer class, create an exemplary communication department, as well as organize scientific research work together with specialists of JSC "Uzbekiston Pochtasi". In 2009, in accordance with the order of the Director of the Center of Technical and Technical Information No. 73-K dated 20.03.2009, the senior teacher of Ishdavletova E.T. Has passed courses of improvement of professional skill and retraining of the staff in the Odessa National Academy of Telecommunications. A. Popov.

In 2013, international relations were established for the exchange of experience with the Moscow University of Informatics (Moscow) and communications and the Higher State Communication College (Minsk). As a result, the textbooks of foreign authors on the specialty "Technology of postal communication" were received and international conferences were held with the participation of teachers of the department.

Since September 2013 the department "Automation of postal service" has been renamed and now its name is "Technology of postal communication".

2013 - 2016 The head of the department "Technology of postal communication" was PhD in Economics, associate professor Bazarov Furkat Odilovich. During the work of the head of the department Bazarov F.O. Standards for a new generation for the direction of education were developed. 5350500 - Technology of postal communication and specialty of magistracy 5A350501 - Organization and technology of postal service. The chair "Postal Communication Technology" carries out contractual works in cooperation with JSC "Uzbekiston Pochtasi" and State Unitary Enterprise.

Department participated in the competition and received a grant of applied research in the Committee for the Coordination and Development of Science and Technology for the amount of 35 million sums for the period 2015-2017.

Since 2016 to the present time the head of the department "Technology of postal communication" is candidate of economic sciences Otakuziyeva Zukhra Maratdaevna. She is the author and co-author of one textbook, a number of teaching aids, and more than 70 scientific articles. Her scientific works have been published in scientific journals of Portugal, Poland, Germany, the USA, Russia, China and other countries. She is a member of the International Academy of Sciences on the ecology and safety of life activities. Annually participates in international conferences (in the international academy of sciences on ecology and safety of life, the International Communication Academy, St. Petersburg State University).

 For today Otakuziyeva Zuhra Maratdayevna is a doctoral candidate of TSUE and fulfills specialty 08.00.06 "Econometrics and statistics" a scientific work titled "Problems of introduction of modern ICT at enterprises of Uzbekistan and the role of information economy in its development".

At the Tashkent College of Communication and the Academic Lyceum of Information Technologies, the faculty of the department conducts problem lectures for the students of the direction "Technology of postal communication".

Teachers of the department take an active part in international, republican scientific-technical and scientific-methodical conferences, seminars devoted to problems related to the subject of the department. For example, in 2017, on March 1-2, in accordance with the order of the rector of TUIT, the head of the department Otakuziyeva Z.M. And Senior Lecturer Kudryavtseva L.V. Were sent to the Russian Federation in St. Petersburg to participate in the VI International Scientific and Technical and Scientific and Methodological Conference titled "Actual problems of info communications in science and education" APINO 2017 with a report.

In addition, teachers regularly publish scientific and review articles in special and popular science journals. Teachers of the department together with JSC "Uzbekiston Pochtasi" annually conduct problem lectures at the branches of "Halkaro Post Office" and "Toshkent Post Office", conduct study tours to students in such companies as TNT, EMS-Falcon and Deutsche Post DHL.



Technology of postal communication



Organization and technology of postal communication

Subjects are taught in the department


  • Quality and safety in the postal service
  • Automation of postal service
  • Basics of logistics
  • Transportation logistics
  • Postal regulations
  • Business processes and electronic document management
  • Economic and mathematical methods of logistics
  • Modern postal communications
  • Logistics in the field of services
  • Marketing in the postal communication
  • Basics of  commercial activity in the banking system
  • Management of logistics centers
  • Human resources management
  • Insurance
  • Management of information resources


  • Marketing and logistics in the postal communication
  • Design of quality management system
  • Design and management of integration systems
  • IT-management in the postal communication
  • Innovation technologies in the postal communication
  • International postal communication

Professor-teaching composition of the department

  • Otakuzieva Zukhra Maratdaevna
  • Bazarov Furkhat Odilovich
  • Alimova Nargiza Rustamovna
  • Jo‘raev Lazizjon Norovich
  • Ishdavletova Emma Talgatovna
  • Kudryavtseva Lyubov Vasilevna
  • Ma’murov Bakhtiyor Xolmatjanovich
  • Xudoyberdiev Rakhmatilla Fozilliddinovich
  • Mamatkulov Gulom Rustamovich
  • Ismailov Khusanboy Makhammadkosim ugli


  • Otakuzieva Zukhra Maratdayevna – «Problems and solutions to the use of Internet services in quality assurance of higher education», monograph, 2016y.;
  • Kudryatseva L.V. - Methodical manual for passing the training practice for second year students;
  • Ishdavletova E.T. - A methodical manual for the passage of industrial practice for fourth-year students;
  • Bazarov F.O., Alimova N.R.– methodical instructions  “The basics of logistics”;
  • Bazarov F.O., Ma’murov B.X.  – Methodical manual for passing the training practice for fourth-year students;
  • Ma’murov B.X. – Methodical manual on discipline "Organization of production and personnel management”;
  • Ma’murov B.X. –Methodical manual on the discipline “Forming the ability of the leader”;
  • Bazarov F.O., Alimova N.R. – tutorial “Human resources management”;
  • Bazarov F.O. and others – monograph “Forming information society in Uzbekistan: international experience, tendency and perspectives”;
  • Bazarov F.O. and others. – monograph “Laws and tendencies of information society formation”;
  • Bazarov F.O. and others– tutorial “Innovation management”;
  • Bazarov F.O., Alimova N.R. – “Business processes and electronic document management systems” tutorial was written.


  • Contractual works are carried out jointly with JSC "Uzbekiston Pochtasi" on the theme: "Automation of drawing up a plan for international destinations" for the amount of 17.0 million sums (contract No. 22/13) and on the topic: "The organization of VPN channels for 250 post offices of JSC" Uzbekiston Pochtasi "for the amount of 16.176 million sums (contract № 08/12).
  • "Introduction of leasing services in the field of information technologies of the economy of Uzbekistan" for the period 2015-2017. ID 1846 PZ 2014-0911170408. Research work was carried out. The grant amount is 35 million;
  • Electronic textbook on the discipline "Postal Security" 15gn. Sum, Work is being carried out from 2014 to 2016.
  • "Improvement of economic mechanisms for the development of information and communication technologies in Uzbekistan" in the theme of 2016-2018 is planned in the applied research project for the amount of 80 million sums.